Our Services:

Completion of driving course will reduce your insurance costs (25 hours in the classroom, and 10 hours in car).

Practice lessons for new drivers, refreshers, and preparation for road test.
Individual lessons. Learn at your own pace.


Road test package: 90 minute practice with instructor for your road test .
Training car for your road test $80 plus HST.


Inclusive Driving School Curriculum

We offer professional driving school education based on, “Today’s Drivers Manual”, the most widely utilized and comprehensive driver education curriculum in Canada.


The 25 hours of classroom instruction includes, but, not limited to:

Traffic procedures, lights, and signs
Defensive driving techniques
All aspects of parking
City/Highway/Freeway driving
Driving in adverse conditions
Night & Winter driving
Handling emergencies
Basic car care
Economy Driving
The Psychology of a driver & driver responsibility
Emergency braking & stopping distances
Vehicle Insurance

The 10 hours in-car instruction includes, but, not limited to:

Pre-driving checklist
Steering and braking
Hand-over-hand steering
Making turns
Lane changes
Traffic flow & following distances
Anticipating & responding to traffic problems
All aspects of parking
Proper use of mirrors
Scanning intersections
Communicating to other road users
Stagger & clearing blind spots
Escaping from rear crashes
Positioning vehicle in traffic
Point of no return
Highway/Freeway driving
Head-on avoidance